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Biopesticide Summit 2019 - biocontrol solutions

From 02/07/2019 à 09:00 until 03/07/2019 à 18:00 Save to calendar

Posted by Benoit FARGES

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Bionema Limited and Swansea University are to host the inaugural Biopesticide Summit and exhibition at the Singleton campus,

United Kingdom in July 2019 to address the pressing need to develop alternatives to chemical crop protection.


The Biopesticide Summit 2019 will focus on developing and introducing innovative and alternative biocontrol solutions that will help protect our food chain in a controlled but timely manner.

The Global biopesticides market is increasing and was worth approximately $3.36 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $8.82 billion by 2022, at an annual growth rate of 17.4%.

The Biopesticide Summit 2019 will bring together scientists, researchers, key industry stakeholders, government organizations, investors, policy makers and integrated pest management practitioners to discuss the challenges faced and the future opportunities. The summit will also provide insights from end-use markets giving updates on product performance in different sectors.


The Summit will

• Highlight the global challenges facing growers and regulators today and in the near future

• Bring together academia, industry and investors to commercialise novel innovations

• Examine new tools and methods being used to accelerate discovery of new biopesticides.

• Hear about innovative technologies and formulation application strategies


Benefits of attending

- Appreciate the urgent need to develop novel products and application technologies to not only “fill the gaps” in the market due to pesticide removal but also to anticipate future requirements as pests and diseases are developing resistance to currently used products.

- Help create opportunities for colleagues to develop strategic collaborations, to accelerate commercialisation of new biocontrol products and to support the uptake of new pest control strategies which contribute to improving human health and creating a safer environment.02

- Gain research and excellent development guidance from expert speakers.

- Learn about the new methodologies being pursued in the discovery of new Biopesticide formulations and delivery methods. 

- Discover how advanced technologies and formulations benefit food security, human health and the environment.


Registration Fee

Biopesticides Summit 2019 - General £380
Biopesticides Summit 2019 - VIP £460

Discount available for non-UK registrations.

Deadline for registering on June 28 2019


More informations on the WebSite : http://biopesticidesummit.com/




2019-07-02 09:00:00
2019-07-03 18:00:00


Swansea, United Kingdom

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