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Valagro presents the 2013-2016 sustainability report


Marco Rosso, Valagro Global Corporate Affairs Director : " The publication of this Sustainability Report is an eagerly awaited event: this tool allows us to build precious relationships with employees, customers, partners and scientific institutions around the world - relationships marked by transparency and accountability. It also allows us to promote our positive results, reflecting our continued commitment to sustainability : for example, we have participated in the Carbon Footprint assessment programme endorsed and co-funded by the Italian Ministry of the Environment
and Protection of Land and Sea, and obtained certification for four Valagro products, with the goal of understanding how to limit
our CO2
 emissions. Furthermore, in the face of rising production and the consequent increase of waste emissions, we are increasing our commitment to waste collection and recycling, now covering 76% of the total waste produced. On the other hand, sustainability.jpg 1140x400 q85 crop "- adds Marco Rosso - "the preparation of reports allows us to identify possible areas of action, in a continuous search to improve all areas of our business activity. Our business must continue to be a driving force for sustainability, guiding us, our clients, and our partners, in the shared commitment to provide innovative solutions for more sustainable agriculture."


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Valagro s.p.a announces investment from metalmark capital


1 fotodidefault x news.jpg 1140x400 q85 crop“We are excited to partner with Metalmark as we continue to build upon our more than 30 years of success producing and marketing biostimulants and specialty agricultural inputs,” said Giuseppe Natale, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Valagro. “With Metalmark’s support, we will continue to capitalize on future growth opportunities while maintaining our commitment to innovation and delivering top products and services to our loyal customers. We view Metalmark as a long-term partner and look forward to leveraging their financial and sector expertise and capabilities as we enter this next phase of growth and continue to expand our global footprint.”


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Source et crédit photo : Valagro




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